About us

We are Progressive Trailers

Progressive Trailers manufactures custom trailers for buyers who are very particular about design, construction, and the finished look.

Our customers want a hand-tailored trailer that is manufactured to their exact specifications.

Progressive has a reputation in the western US as a manufacturer that crafts trailers for classrooms, product demonstration areas, fair/vending trailers, Command and Control, Mobile Medical Clinics Specialized B2C and B2B trailer’s and other applications where a premanufactured trailer might not be able to handle the job.

A word on merging two companies

We are excited to announce that Progressive Trailers has been acquired by the owners of Quality Vans & Specialty Vehicles effective October 6, 2018.

Quality Vans & Specialty Vehicles founded in 1974, builds a wide variety of commercial use specialty vehicles for many industries providing custom specialty manufacturing and interior upfitting. QVSV has been a customer of Progressive Trailers for decades and they have always built our custom trailer needs. It made total sense that the two become one family in the pursuit of both our company’s goals.

Doug Reber

Vice President /CFO

6 Reasons to Choose Progressive Trailers as

Your number one Custom Trailer Manufacturer

Turn Key Solutions

We provide a turnkey trailer that is specifically tailored to your needs. We are successful because manufacturing the trailer to the highest standards is our primary goal! We focus on our customer’s satisfaction in each procedure that we perform.

100% Unique

We will work with you to craft the exact trailer you want, and you won’t hear us say, ‘Oh, you just want an enclosed race car hauler. Sure, we do that all the time. What color do you want? It is more like….Bring us the car steering wheel and we can design the trailer around it!

Excellent Service

We spend time with each customer during the design phase. If the customer wants a workbench, we want to know how much weight he’s going to place on it, whether he plans to mount a vise on the bench, and what chemicals might come into contact with the surface of the bench.

Tube Box Frame

Progressive Trails uses a BOX-TUBE frame for every single trailer that we manufacture. We use the box-tube structure for the chassis frame rails and trailer framing (walls and roof) for its superior strength as opposed to a common technique of screwing Hat Post, and Roof Bows to the C-Channel steel undercarriage that are used by many production line trailer manufacturers.

Skilled Professionals

We only hire highly skilled craftspeople and test each one before hiring. Welding skills as well as pride in workmanship are very important for our technicians, and that’s the quality that makes our trailers better than the rest.

Central & Capable

Progressive Trailers is housed in a 14,000-sq-ft production center in the heart of Phoenix’s industrial center with is a 15 minute drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport. This makes for ease for our out of region clients to inspect their custom trailer builds.  Progressives’ facility footprint includes 1,500-sq-ft of office suites and showroom area, the balance of the facility is dedicated to a welding fabrication department, Finish and Installation Department and an Repair and Remodel Center, all located on approximately 2-1/2 acres.

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