Progressive Quality Policy

Our goal is to provide consumers with the highest quality products by assuring their performance, consistency, safety and value. This commitment is rooted in our corporate values and is essential to our continued growth and success.

We will meet our comprehensive “Progressive Trailers Quality Standards” in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of our products as well as meet or exceed all government requirements and consumer expectations worldwide.

We will maintain these high quality standards as we design and manufacture our products by the most efficient means possible to ensure they are affordable to the greatest number of consumers throughout the world.

Our commitment to quality is vital to all we do


We will provide consumers around the world with quality products that offer consistent performance at affordable prices.

High Global Product Standards

All our products will be designed and manufactured according to documented “Progressive Trailers Quality Standards” for performance and consistency. These standards are not intended to replace applicable regulatory requirements, and will always be equal to, or higher than these requirements.

Product Consistency

We will seek consistency in the performance, composition, and physical appearance of our products.

Consumer Communication

We will encourage continuous feedback from consumers regarding the performance of our products and will utilize their input as a means of improving our product quality.

Market Responsiveness

We will utilize “Progressive Trailers Quality Standards” to enhance speed to market and meet ever-increasing consumer expectations for performance and value.

Progressive Trailers is committed to preserving and building the value of our equities and the reputation of our Company in every area of the world in which we operate.

We have developed the following guiding principles to achieve our goal of having the highest quality possible in our products, processes, facilities, and business decisions. Our people throughout the world must be committed to these principles so that we can successfully meet the needs of our consumers globally


Progressive Trailers will apply established quality criteria in the development phase of our products to ensure product performance and consistency, safety, and consumer value. At the same time, we will develop and define specifications for our building materials. We will develop reproducible procedures and reliable processes by which our products are manufactured.

Product Considerations

We will meet consumer expectations by developing procedures, specifications, and processes that allow us to globally manufacture products that are effective, safe, consistent, and comply with all applicable regulations.

Quality Testing

We will test all products during development to ensure they meet requirements of performance, safety, quality, and all applicable regulations.

We will always conduct appropriate studies early in the design phase to identify and adjust material, equipment, and processes to ensure the quality of our products.


Progressive Trailers is committed to producing products of the highest quality in all of our manufacturing facilities. We will ensure that performance, consistency, and safety are never compromised.

Performance Expectations

We will ensure our facilities, equipment, manufacturing systems, and processes consistently meet established design criteria.

Change Control

We will review, document, and communicate all changes in equipment, formulas, raw materials, facilities, and processes to ensure that the performance, consistency, and safety of our products are not compromised. We recognize change may occur as a result of consumer needs, ongoing regulatory compliance, and to support the efficient delivery of our products to consumers around the world.

Periodic Assessments

We will continuously improve Quality by conducting periodic assessments in our facilities and at our suppliers. Actions will be implemented based on constructive feedback.


Quality at Progressive Trailers is a business opportunity that can materially impact product sales. We must have an uncompromising commitment to quality throughout the organization to meet the needs of our consumers worldwide.

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in all that we do and will share and learn from our experiences.

Act Responsibly

We will act responsibly to address product quality issues and communicate with regulatory and stakeholder groups.

Quality Is Essential to Our Success

We will seek to educate all Progressive Trailers’ people that our commitment to quality will preserve and build the value of our equities, good name, and reputation. Our people will have the skills and knowledge to ensure that quality is always built into the design, manufacturing, and distribution